Input Cog™

Input Cog™ is a solution to allow easy mapping to any controller for Unity. It allows you to swap controllers on-the-fly and remap actions to different controller inputs automatically. Remapped inputs are saved by the Input Cog™ to the PlayerPrefs so they presist between game plays. Virtual touch screen joysticks, buttons, and custom gestures are also supported by the Input Cog. Using the sample Gesture Trainer that comes with the package you can create new gestures without ever writing a line of code. Gestures created through the trainer can be saved to a file on devices or directly to your assets folder in the Unity Editor!

Local multiplayer support is also a breeze with the Input Cog™. Any action can be queried with a player number to check a specific controller (Players 1 - 4) or all controllers at once (Any Player).

UI Cog™

Bundled with the package is the UI Cog™ which allows you to create menu systems quickly and easily. Our prefabs include menus, text menu items, button remap menu items, repeaters, slider menu items, list menu items and toggle menu items. Our ScrollMenuCog control perfectly resizes scroll rects to your contents and will automatically bring the selected menu item into view.

Why use UI Cog™?

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